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Low Cost 7mm-08 Remington Deer Elk Moose

The 7mm-08 is the best all-around hunting cartridge! A true giant killer!

  • Shoots flatter than the 30-06 Springfield!
  • 100 yard energy is 4X greater than a 44 Magnum revolver!
  • Recoil is a little more than a 243 Winchester!
  • Tack driving accuracy is inherited from the 308 Winchester!
  • Point blank range is over 300 yards (+/- three inches!)
  • Cheap to reload and brass last longer than most!
  • Available in lightweight short action rifles!
  • Versitile! From varmits to moose!
  • Pet Handloads

    Compare 7mm-08 to Factory Loads

    Knockdown Energy for ELK

    7mm-08 Accuracy Tips

    7mm-08 Barrel Lengths


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    The 7mm-08 is the best hunting cartridge! Low cost deer rifles. Visit this site for pet handloads data and comparisons. From varmits to moose, the 7mm-08 Remington is hard to beat! 7mm-08, 7mm, remington, handload, reload, petload, data, rifle, bullet, ballistic, 284, cheap deer hunting rifle, reloading data ballistics, hunting, 308, elk, deer, big game, shooting, gun, varget, nosler, speer, 270, 30-06.