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Answer the Gun Writers

Below are statements made by famous gun writers in the magazines.

  • The flat shooting 25-06 is the best for antelope hunting in opening country.
    Answer: The 7mm-08 120 GR handloads shoot flatter than 120 GR 25-06 factory loads! With 120 GR 25-06 handloads, the 25-06 and 7mm-08 are ballistic twins!

  • The 30-06 will handle all North American big game except for the large bears.
    Answer: The 7mm-08 is flatter shooting with equal energy and 40% less recoil than the 30-06!

  • The 270 Winchester is the best all-around rifle. For varmits, up to the largest deer species, the 270 can't be beat!
    Answer: The 7mm-08 is the ballistic twin of the 270. The 7mm-08 has less recoil for varmit shooting, and will handle bigger bullets for the largest game. The 7mm-08 uses less powder and inherits the tack driving accuracy of the 308 Winchester.

  • The 280 Remington might unseat the 270 Winchester as the best all-around hunting cartridge.
    Answer: The 280 factory loads are made for older pump action and auto-loading rifles and fall far below the performance levels of the 7mm-08 handloads.

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