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Compare 7mm-08 to Factory Loads
Now you can see why the 7mm-08 is a giant killer! This comparison should end all campfire arguements!

CartridgeMV-FPS300 YD(200 Zero)400 YD(200 Zero)400 YD Energy
7mm-08 Handload 120 GR BT3100-6.4-18.81300
7mm-08 Handload 130 GR BT3040-6.7-19.61350
7mm-08 Handload 140 GR BT2950-6.8-19.81510
7mm-08 Handload 145 GR BT2900-7.1-20.41540
7mm-08 Handload 160 GR BT2700-8.1-23.21546
25-06Rem Rem PSPCL 120GR2990-7.5-221100
264 MAG Rem PSPCL 140GR3030-7.2-20.81389
270 WIN Rem BP 130 GR3060-7.1-20.61285
270 WIN Rem BT 140 GR2960-7.2-20.71465
270 WIN Rem SPCL 150 GR2850-9.7-29.2872
7mm MAG Rem PSPCL 150 GR3110-7.0-20.51448
7mm MAG Rem BT 165 GR2900-7.5-21.41689
30-06 SPR Rem BP 150 GR2910-8.0-23.31298
30-06 SPR Rem BT 165 GR2800-8.2-23.61500
300 MAG REM PSPCL 180G2960-7.3-20.91859
338 MAG REM PSP 225G2785-9.1-26.71633

OK! Stop screaming! Some of you long action and magnum lovers are saying your handloads will beat the 7mm-08 loads! Not by much! Even with magnum and long action hot loads, it is still difficult to beat the 7mm-08 by one inch at 300 yards!
For example; we are trying to show is that 7mm-08 handloads will match 7mm Remington mag factory loads. If the gun story writers say the 7mm rem mag will handle moose and bears with factory ammo, the 7mm-08 will do the same with handloads. Now for the real truth. Most factory loads don't measure up to the claimed FPS. Yes! An 7mm rem mag handloaded with data from 35 years ago will smoke about any hunting rifle cartridge.
I love the 7 mag, but the 7mm-08 made me a better shooter. I normally won't take a shot beyond 400 yards. I can shoot up 3 boxes at the range with no blue shoulder. At 100 yards I can shoot the teeth off a plastic fork one at a time. I can't do this with my 7 mag. I use the 7mm-08 year around shooting varmints, pronghorns, deer, elk, and anything in season. This has made me a better shooter and hunter.

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