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7mm-08 Pet Handloads

Rifle 1: Browning A-Bolt Composit Stalker 22" Barrel
Rifle 2: (loads in blue): Tikka T3 Lite 22.4" Barrel.
Scope used is Redfield 4x16.
Weather 60-80 degrees F, no wind. Private range in quiet Hollow.
Brass: Remington, Winchester & Hornady     Primer: CCI200 (CCI 250 w /760 powder)
Best groups are 3 shot at 100 yards. Yes, some may be just luck.

BulletCharge GrainsMV-FPSGroupNotes
110 GR Speer TNT46 IMR 30313200.210Varmint
120 GR Nosler BT46.2 Varget3100.450Antelope
120 GR H V-MAX44.8 H48953045.650Varmint
130 GR Speer BT45.1 Varget3040.470Whitetail
130 GR Speer BT44.9 IMR 40643000.870Whitetail
130 GR Speer BT43.1 IMR 406429201.00Wifey Load
*140 GR Nosler BT44.5 Varget2950.250Mule deer
*140 GR Nosler Par44.6 Varget2950.380Elk
140 GR Sierra SBT48.5 Win 7602950.810Mule deer
140 GR Sierra SBT44 IMR 40642935.750Mule deer
145 GR Speer BT44 Varget2900.450Mule deer
145 GR Speer BT48 Win 7602880.650Mule deer
150 GR Nosler PAR43.8 Varget2860.500Elk
160 GR Speer BT41.5 Varget2700.630Elk
160 GR Nosler PAR41.5 Varget2700.380Moose
160 GR Speer BT44.5 Win 7602670.600Elk

*Favorites: No guesswork. Use boattail for deer and partition for elk.
Caution: These loads are maximum and show no excessive pressure signs in my gun. WARNING! Pay attention to OAL, and make sure the bullet does not contact the rifleing when chambered! Reduce above loads by 5% and work up with caution! I accept no responsibility for use of this data!

Next powders for 7mm-08 load developement are Reloader 17 and 2000-MR. The RL-17 powder is now $2 cheaper per pound than other brands at my local dealer. I have never used Alliant powders in the past. I hear others are getting reliable 3000 to 3060 FPS with no pressure signs using 140 grain bullets and RL-17. This could be the magic powder! I want to try 2000-MR because people loading for the 308 Winchester are getting better than 30-06 factory ammo speeds. If it works for the 308 Winchester, it could do wonders for the 7mm-08. Prey I don't blow myself up!

Many of you have asked what is the best factory ammo? The Hornady 139gr SST Light Magnum (now called SuperPerformance). The factory claim is 3000 fps. My test showed 2923 - 2946 fps in a 22" barrel. This pretty much compares to the above handloads. 100yd groups in the .8 to 1" range in my rifle. Save your brass!

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