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Rifles Owned

Browning A-Bolt 7mm-08 Rem
Remington M7 20" 7mm-08 Rem
Ruger M77R 280 Rem
Winchester M70 30-06 Spr
Remington 700 BDL 308 WIN
Remington 700 BDL 300 WINMAG
Savage MKII 22LR Heavy Barrel
Savage Model 12 22-250 Rem
Remington M700 ADL 243 WIN
Remington M700 ADL 270 WIN
Ruger Mini-14 223 Rem
Ruger M77V 22-250 Rem
Remington M798 30-06 Spr
Stevens 200 308 Winchester*
Remington M700 BDL 7mm Rem Mag
Savage 110 25-06 Rem
Remington 40XB 308 WIN
Tikka T3 Lite 7mm-08

*Funny. The Stevens 200 was the most accurate (consistant 1/2" groups) rifle I have ever owned. Plus it was the cheapest at around $300. The only modification I did was replace the trigger wire spring with a piece of thinner spring wire I cut from a spinnerbait lure for bass fishing. This proves you don't need to spend a lot of money to get sub MOA accuracy. My next 7mm-08 will be a Savage.

The Big Question

Why do the ammo companies cheat us on 7mm-08 ammunition prices? Compare the prices on Federal and Remington boxed 7mm-08 ammo in online stores like Cabelas and Bass Pro. 243 $19.95, 308 $19.95, 7mm-08 $26.95, 270 $19.95, 30-06 $19.95. What gives? It should cost much less to produce 7mm-08 than 270 Winchester or 30-06 Springfield!
Folks, we are being ripped off!

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